We transform the way ambitious project sponsors lead their projects. 

The implementation of our process oriented approach, no-nonsense adoption management solution and continuous improvement cycle will significantly increase the success rate of your projects and thus facilitate the realisation of your strategic objectives.


Implementing a new CRM or ERP system is normally very expensive and can create a lot of tension in your organisation. Very often, companies do not take the time to get prepared. Licences are purchased and the implementation has to start as soon as possible in order to realise the benefits of the investment.


Unfortunately it doesn't work this way. In 90% of the projects we coached, processes were not documented or even known. People were not aligned or even aware. These mistakes completely destroy the ROI of your project.


Our mission is to coach you in the implementation of your CRM or ERP application. Before your project starts, we can prepare your organisation by designing the processes and by making sure all teams are aligned.

During the process we take care of your change management. We make sure that the adoption by the different teams is realised and make you shine as the sponsor of the project.

After go-live we can assist in the setup of a continuous improvement cycle. You should consider your CRM/ERP as a product, not a project. your strategic objectives keep on evolving, and so should you application.