Continuous improvement


Hopefully your decision to invest in an ERP or CRM (or other) product is driven by clear business/strategic objectives. Fyi, in many companies, it is not the case…


So you want your new investment to help you realize your objectives. This smells like product management.


The reality is that most implementations are not perfect when the project goes live. Functionalities have not been implemented because of budget or time reasons. Implementations are not done correctly, user adoption has not been considered, etc. There are many reasons why your project did not go as expected.


Additionally, we live in a fast moving word. You constantly need to adapt, and so does your system.


The essence here is that you should not treat your system as a project, but as a product. You need to continuously try to improve your system. This will allow you to evaluate regularly evaluate your progress towards the realisation of your business objectives.


We help you to set up this cycle of continuous improvement.


Following elements are key

  • A clear vision and strategic objectives
  • Selection of multidiscipline team of key users for continuous improvement
  • A clear communication path
  • A clear approach on the improvement cycle
    • collect ideas
    • prioritisation
    • validation and budget
    • execution


Together we will define this process and work on the acceptance of the approach by higher management.