Project readiness (CRM & ERP)


How familiar is this:


you have finally obtained a nice budget for the new crm or erp implementation and have found your implementation partner. In the first 5 to 10 meetings, you mainly discuss internally what you really want…… while 5 external consultants are just listening how you discuss (and bill for it). After 10 of such meetings, 30% of your budget is gone. What a great life as an implementation partner (I’ve been there)


You can avoid all of this by just getting prepared before you start.


2 major steps can be taken before you invite your implementation partner:

  • Agree on and design your processes, and create user stories
  • Align all of your teams

This will save you an extremely huge amount of money



By designing your processes, you can easily derive your user stories. Even if they need adjustment, or if some parts are still missing, you will have a clear view on what you really want (or need). You can already talk to your internal technical teams and analyse the impact.

Based on the BPMN method, clear processes can be created. Start from the as-is processes (which are very often not even known or agreed upon), optimise the as-is based on improvement workshops (in function of the vision and business objectives), and design to-be process.


Creating a process together will establish mutual understanding and team building. You will have cleared out all the discussions between teams before you start the project. The best key users can be identified, and ownership and be assigned. This will also make the change effort much lighter! Change has started before day 1 of your project